Bucking Pony leather art

Gun Holsters and Belts
We make custom holsters and gun belts. These rigs are very unique. We can do any style, any size, any color, any time period for any weapon you choose.
Most of these rigs below have been sold. We can make you a custom holster and gun belt for you.

Great gun holster and belt. Gun rig pattern is from the movie "Tombstone". Worn by Johnny Ringo.
Rig belongs to Bill Parker from Cecilia, Kentucky.
41. Magnum with 8 inch barrel, Belongs to
Jesse Paul MacBeth from Utopia, Texas!

My personal gun and holster. Hand tooled and background painted turquoise! Ruger KP95 9mm.

Hand carved Sheridan style holster. Hand sewn. Actually fits Colt Python .357, has a Colt .45 cal in place. For sale $175.00

Gun Belt and holster. The Judge and the Jury shoots .45cal and .410's. First real gun rig that we made!
Rig was basket stamped, Double Mexican braided and personalized!
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